What Is Coaching?


Coaching is a systematic approach to reflection, having an open and honest conversation with ourselves. One of my clients put it best when they said: "It's like having an extremely honest, difficult conversation with myself in the mirror, and it's something that someday I wish to learn to do on my own." By your coach asking directed questions, and you explaining to your coach what you are going through you can come to many realizations about your own life. One comes to recognize how thoughts and emotions affect behavior and vice versa, and many things that they may have never thought about before.

As Arnold Bennett so elegantly writes in The Human Machine:

"You are the most fascinating bit of machinery that ever was. You do yourself less than justice. It is said that men are only interested in themselves. The truth is that, as a rule, men are interested in every mortal thing except themselves. They have a habit of taking themselves for granted, and that habit is responsible for nine-tenths of the boredom and despair on the face of the planet."

Coaching allows and inspires us to explore ourselves, learn about the inner self, and then most importantly consciously set goals, and work towards being successful. The work of a coach is to listen, place questions that leads the client to find their own answers to their own questions, and point out patterns, generalities, and how the answers come off to the coach, helping the client realise what it is really they're saying by listening to their own words repeated. 

The Performance Approach

Performance coaching is a systematic way for the client to analyze what it is that they truly want, set realistic goals, and to achieve them. Measuring and increasing the progress with each session. This approach works great both for career sessions, as well as anyone who's looking to achieve better, or find the ways to maintain a high level of performance day in and day out.


It's interesting that performance coaching also works extremely well when it comes to social interactions. How can we use a performance based approach in relationships with other people? The easy answer here is that no matter what a person is doing, there is a current state, a final / goal state, and steps that can be taken to get there, even in relationships. Performance coaching is all about finding balance between the mind and body, to be able to achieve one's goals, be successful, and most importantly find happiness.

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