Find the right session for you, your team, or your company.

Type of Session


One on one 60 minute coaching session

Be it an in the office session, in the gym, through Skype, or on a walk, this is a great session on a weekly cadence for an individual.

1500 CZK

One on one 90 minute coaching session

As with the 60 minute sessions these can be held in the office, in the gym, through Skype, or on a walk. This is a great session on a bi-weekly cadence for an individual.

2200 CZK

sports team mental performance workshop

Have your team spend a practice at the gym or on the court focusing on improving their mental abilities in the sport. Ideally this workshop would be covered over a total of 8 hours. Up to 12 participants.

Hourly rate of 1500 CZK

+ 100 CZK per person

act in the workplace workshop

Acceptance & Commitment Training.

Spend 2 hours a week for 4 weeks with those employees wanting to learn more about how to be more effective, how to make the office a nicer and more pleasant place to work, how to be present and focused at work, and improve their work-life balance. From 5 to 10 participants.

30000 CZK for the full

4 week workshop